dinsdag 31 mei 2011


My expertise ranges over several disciplines:

Advice on decorating both interior as well as exterior spaces. My aim is to accomplish exclusive environments with a rich, spiritual and warm identity. Besides advising on decorating and refurnishing living quarters, shop- interiors and workspaces, I offer an exclusive collection of sofa’s, chairs, armchairs, lampshades, tables and textiles.
These are all on line available under Collection.
High quality antiques and exquisite works of art can be commissioned as they will strengthen the identity of an environment and make it into a unique design concept.
Supervising building activities and on the spot, coaching of craftsmen can be arranged.
I offer high quality upholsterers, contractors, suppliers, and carpenters.


A design- trajectory usually starts with a free intake. This takes place on site. After a successful intake, there are several possible ways to proceed.
  • Commission for a detailed decorating plan
  • On site advice and feedback on development (hourly rate)
When a decorating plan is presented, the first phase ends. Off course I will be available for questions and consult on design issues . ( free of charge)
The plan consist of
  • description of the design- concept and arguments
  • drawing of interior design
  • colour advice
  • lighting plan
  • samples of materials
  • samples of floors, upholstery
  • suggestion on art and antiques

The plan will be illustrated with photos and drawings of all advised furniture and accessories, maps with a clear idea of the design.



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