dinsdag 30 september 2014

Alberto Biasi

Alberto Biasi

Alberto Biasi, who was born in Padua in 1937, is known for his leading role in promoting Kinetics Art, which literally means "art that moves ", and which is also a type of art that acquires its meaning through interaction with the viewer, through an interplay of color, light and movement: therefore, a type of art that does not remain exposed, untouchable, and two-dimensional on a wall of a museum, but that is alive and actively engages the viewer. During the '60s, along with Group N, Biasi began to explore the possibilities of Kinetic Art by realizing the first optical-dynamic measurements and textures. During the '70s, '80s and '90s, as a solo artist, Biasi continued his research on the spaces and iridescent forms, enriching further his production with twisting elements, real moving parts, inserts whose shapes and colors convey a strong visual suggestion. The exhibition leads the viewer through the entire span of the artist's career, to get to his more recent works, the assemblages, with their impressive effect of plastic and color. Biasi's world of optical illusions is directly influenced by the observation of natural phenomena: his art goes across disciplines to embrace a scientist's curiosity about the rules of Nature. Although modern city life tends to disguise the relationship between man and nature, the reverberations of the natural world come from far away, challenging the vibrations of the artificial world, to influence and shape our daily lives. Likewise, Alberto Biasi's works contain the movements of the stars in faraway galaxies, the waves made by a stone thrown into a pond, the colors of nature revisited in new forms and combinations. Through his artistic research on natural phenomena, Alberto Biasi is one of the major promoters of contemporary art in Italy. He has set up more than 80 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 400 collective ones. His works can be admired in every corner of the world, from MOMA in New York City to the museums in Belgrade, Buenos Aires, San Francisco and Lodz. The recent exhibition at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has been such a critical and commercial success that it has been extended by two months. This new exhibition will show his works in a new and innovative setting that is also very congenial to his original art and certainly will not fail to amaze.

maandag 22 september 2014

Greenwich Hotel



The inspiring talent of Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt is on display inside this 6,800-square-foot penthouse atop the Greenwich Hotel—owned by Robert De Niro, Ira Drukier, and other partners—in Tribeca, New York City. Vervoordt’s signature palette of earthy tones, refined taste, and flair for assembling a mélange of antiques and art make the recently opened suite one of the most desirable properties in town. Problem is: you’ll never want to check out.


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beautiful finds at Alexandra Siebelink

Following my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I posted earlier about Alexandra Siebelink , who is a Holland based interior designer. Alexandra’s work is featured in a lot of European magazines and publications, as in one of my favorite and must-have books, titled Quiet Living, Unique Country Interiors by Piet Swimberghe-photography Jan Verlinde. This book counts numerous interiors with a rural touch.
qiuet living_0
I have always admired Alexandra’s design work. Alexandra loves to work with natural materials as natural stone, oak wood and lime paint, which all age beautifully. And she always knows how to choose and where to place the appropriate furniture, decorative items and objets d’art.
Here you can see some pictures of her work.
Alexandra has a strong preference to work with simple furniture.
She is keen on space and light and loves to use a subdued color palette.
Alexandra loves to use Belgian linen in combination with other natural materials.
Today I want to share with you exceptional furniture I discovered at Alexandra’s website.
Gorgeous antique cabinets

Wonderful wooden benches

A simple table used as a desk
Gorgeous linen covered seats

If you are interested in one of these pieces, please contact Alexandra at a.siebelink.interieur@planet.nl.
To see more of her interior design work, visit Alexandra’s website at http://www.alexandrasiebelink.nl
or follow Alexandra on Pinterest

All furniture at www.alexandrasiebelink.nl

All furniture at www.alexandrasiebelink.nl


dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Some of my favorite artists

bill viola
is a video artist, born in 1951. he grew up in both queens and
westbury new york and received his bfa in experimental studios
from syracuse university in 1973. after graduating he worked in
florence, italy for 18 months as technical director of production
at art/tapes/22, one of the first video art studios in europe.
he later traveled to record traditional performing arts in the
solomon islands, java, bali, and japan. in 1977 viola was invited
by cultural arts director kira perov to show his videos at la trobe
university in australia. a year later, perov moved to new york,
where she and viola married. they have lived and worked
together ever since. in 1980, they lived in japan as part of a
cultural exchange where they studied buddhism under zen
master daien tanaka. during this period, viola was also invited to
serve as the first artist-in-residence for sony's atsugi research
lab. his work has been shown at the museum of modern art in
new york, the national gallery in london, guggenheim berlin,
guggenheim new york, the whitney museum of american art,
getty los angeles and the metropolitan museum of art in new
york. viola was also selected as the u.s. representative for the
46th venice biennale, where he showed ' buried secrets',
a collection of five installations including 'the greeting'. viola has
served as a scholar in residence at the getty research institute
in los angeles in 1998 and was elected to the american academy
of arts and sciences in 2000. he currently lives and work in long
beach, california.


My expertise ranges over several disciplines:

Advice on decorating both interior as well as exterior spaces. My aim is to accomplish exclusive environments with a rich, spiritual and warm identity. Besides advising on decorating and refurnishing living quarters, shop- interiors and workspaces, I offer an exclusive collection of sofa’s, chairs, armchairs, lampshades, tables and textiles.
These are all on line available under Collection.
High quality antiques and exquisite works of art can be commissioned as they will strengthen the identity of an environment and make it into a unique design concept.
Supervising building activities and on the spot, coaching of craftsmen can be arranged.
I offer high quality upholsterers, contractors, suppliers, and carpenters.


A design- trajectory usually starts with a free intake. This takes place on site. After a successful intake, there are several possible ways to proceed.
  • Commission for a detailed decorating plan
  • On site advice and feedback on development (hourly rate)
When a decorating plan is presented, the first phase ends. Off course I will be available for questions and consult on design issues . ( free of charge)
The plan consist of
  • description of the design- concept and arguments
  • drawing of interior design
  • colour advice
  • lighting plan
  • samples of materials
  • samples of floors, upholstery
  • suggestion on art and antiques

The plan will be illustrated with photos and drawings of all advised furniture and accessories, maps with a clear idea of the design.